Sani Marc is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Comac, one of the European leaders in the production of industrial cleaning machines. Comac boasts a wide range of robust and easy-to-use products. Thanks to this new partnership, our Canadian customers can now choose from an expanded selection of the most advanced machines on the market.

AR-222 B

Silent and compact, this machine is the same size as a walk-behind model but more efficient. Its size increases productivity and reduces maintenance cost. This micro autoscrubber is extremely convenient, comfortable, safe and user-friendly.

  • Steering is light and smooth, so it can be maneuvered and used in even the most congested areas and the narrowest passages with minimum effort
  • Ergonomic steering wheel with controls and display to make driving intuitive and safer.
  • SAFETY BRAKE – Automatic machine stop when the pedal is released
AR-230 B

Allows a significant reduction in cleaning costs by cleaning over 39,400 sq. ft. per hour. Runs up to 4 non-stop working hours. No operator training required thanks to the working program selector that comes standard. The Eco device guarantees a very low acoustic pressure level, allowing it to perform in highly noise-sensitive environments.

  • Easy rubber replacement without tools
  • Automatic squeegee uncoupling when accidentally impacted
AR-340 B

Cleans wide commercial surfaces over 59 000 sq. ft. per hour. Its robust design ensures excellent performances, even for the deep cleaning of various hard floors such as warehouses and logistic centers, or finer surfaces such as in shopping malls. Offers comfort and complete control over the machine for the end-user.

  • Working program selector allows setting the machine for transfer, drying, scrubbing or scrubbing and drying simultaneously
  • 3 different working speeds and brush pressure levels
  • The vacuum motor is isolated inside a double wall chamber, reducing the noise level
AW-211 B

This machine scrubs and dries in a single pass whenever and wherever. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to use and boasts extraordinary comfort and safety. The floor is dry and safe to walk on in just a few seconds.

  • Always charged and ready-to-use Lithium Ion Technology battery

  • The squeegee rubber blade ensures outstanding drying performance even when cleaning oily liquids

  • The frame and brush head are made of aluminum with an anti-corrosion treatment


Offers high performances for both maintenance and heavy duty cleaning. This autoscrubber stands out for its design that provides reliability and durability. Innovations include a pressure die-cast aluminum squeegee mount, machine frame and brush head. Easy to use and maneuver.

Intuitive drive, with few and easy controls

  • Its compact size is ideal to meet the cleaning needs of several sectors
  • Full accessibility to components for easier maintenance
  • Energy saving and silent operation, thanks to Eco device (< 66 dB (A)

Single disc polisher recommended for heavy-duty jobs. The orbital movement enhances the performance of a regular single disc machine. Takes less time to wash, to degrease, wax and crystalize floors. Uses less water, detergent and energy than a traditional polisher. Simple to use. Requires no specific training.

  • Roto-orbital action of the disc maximizes efficacy on any type of floors including carpet
  • Different pad holders allow let you properly set the polisher according to the type of work to be done



The strong reputation of Taski equipment speaks for itself. The brand boasts a proven track record in healthcare and educational facilities where standards are high. Efficient and environmentally friendly, Taski machines clean surfaces with 40% less water with their IntelliFlow™ system and require less energy and chemicals.

Swingo 1650 B

This machine’s 23 gallon (85 l) tank and highly efficient IntelliFlow™ reduce water consumption significantly. Cleans up to 27,000 ft2 without time-consuming tank filling stops. Reduced energy consumption and high capacity batteries allow a run time of more than four hours before recharging.


  • Immediately dry floors
  • With simple and intuitive controls, the machine reduces operator fatigue and minimizes training
  • Brushes perfectly follow the floor profile for outstanding soil removal
Swingo 2500

The patented all-wheel steering system defines new standards in maneuverability, making this ride-on machine the best option for cleaning narrow and congested areas. The extremely low noise level, comparable to a vacuum cleaner, makes work more enjoyable and allows for day cleaning.


  • Innovative squeegee concept ensures a 100% edge-to-edge water pick-up even in curves and while turning
  • Easily exchangeable brushes and squeegee blades


Swingo 455 B

Thanks to its compact size, small and ergonomic handle and versatility, the TASKI Swingo 455 B is efficient in all types of small or congested hard floor areas. Cleaning along walls and under tables is easy due to the height adjustable and flexible handle and dual axle system.


  • Due to the proven three-wheel concept, adjustments of the squeegee are no longer necessary
  • Easy-to-remove recovery tank
Swingo 855B

This walk-behind autoscrubber is very easy to handle and offers maximum agility for use in confined areas. The dual-axle system allows for turning the machine literally on the spot, which leads to excellent maneuverability in tight areas. The 11-gallon (40-l) tank volume reduces need for filling.


  • Brush follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width, which leads to excellent soil removal
  • Squeegee enables excellent water pick-up on the floor
  • All components needing frequent maintenance are color- coded in yellow and can be removed easily without tools
Vento 15S

Main powered tub vacuum cleaner is designed for efficient, simple and ergonomic vacuuming while providing enhanced air quality. Two fixed rear wheels and two freely rotating casters ensure maximum stability and maneuverability. The new floor tool maximizes dust pick-up and glide easily over surfaces for higher efficiency.


  • HEPA filtration option
  • Functional handle design incorporates a number of features including an intuitive opening mechanism, ergonomic foot operated on/off switch and a convenient cable tidy




ProTeam vacuums are ideal for any commercial cleaning need or preference. These high-quality vacuums can be fitted with high-performance HEPA filters
for maximum filtration of unwanted particles.

Go Free Flex Pro

Available with the X-Over or the Problade

Increases efficiency by saving approximately 1-1.5 hours per 4-hour vacuum shift.


  • Lightweight. The effect of the backpack on body joints and posture is negligible and similar to walking
  • Designed to improve indoor air quality

Added performance and features make it an instant hit with cleaning professionals. The increased maneuverability, animated dashboard display and patent pending Snap Lock Lid make this an upright like no other.


  • Clean hard-to-reach areas with 24-inch wand and hose that stretches to 8 feet
  • Ergonomic lightweight handle helps prevent fatigue
  • Clear blockages and remove brush roll without using tools

These vacuums deliver unmatched power, performance and durability and include thoughtful features that make them easier and more convenient to use. Six models that vary in size and functionality – each designed to take on different maintenance situations.


  • Fast and easy liquid debris removal from either the tip and pour spout or the convenient drain hose.
  • . Front mount squeegee provides fast floor stripper recovery and flood restoration applications.
  •  Qwik-Lock® wet filter maximizes tank capacity and provides easy filter changes.
Super Coach Pro

6 or 10 gallon models available

Both models are available with the X-Over or the Problade